Future is ours!

Class 8A took part on a culture course called Future: dreams and utopia in the fall semester 2018. The course was a joint phenomenon between two subjects: Finnish language and literature and English.

The course was 20 lessons and the teachers in charge were Erja Matinlassi and Riikka Viinikainen.

The course made everyone think about future. The class had a chance to meet Otto Tähkäpää, a future researcher, and wonder about jobs in future and explore how to have an impact by means of art. The workshops took place in Stoa and Vuotalo.

All the students read a novel which was set in future.

The class also had a chance to watch a modern circus performance called Urbotek by the group Race Horse Company. The group thrilled everyone with their stunts.

At the end of the course the class watched a documentary film called Autolla Nepaliin.

The course helped everyone to realize that future is ours, it concerns every single one of us.

Class 8A