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We did presentation about the first world war so it was collaboration in english and history. We chose our favourite topic and wrote about it. We did it because it`s general education and it`s good to know what happened in those days so we don`t repeat same mistakes as they did. I learn a lot of first world war. I know when it started, animals in war and how was to be women in 1910`s. I didn`t know those things before I did this project. It was new way to learn english and I think it`s more interesting to find those things all by yourself than just reading all kind of books. 

So our project was a mix of england and history. The theme was WW1 and especially The treaty of versailles. We had to make a short presentation with: Kahoot, Word, Powerpoint etc. We got plenty of time to finish out our projets and present them. I learned a lot about WW1 and I had fun while making the project. 

“I learned new english words while I was doing my project. I did it using different articles from the internet about my subject. I also used my English  dictionary while searching words which I didn’t know in Finnish, so that was a one reason how I learned more of English language. I also translated Finnish words to English about my subject, so I used both languages to do my project. I learned a lot about my project, because I was interested to do it, and my subject gave me so much more information about the world’s history.” 

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